What role do Quebec's rehabilitation centres play?


12/08/2023 15:26:36
Roxane Beauchesne
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Well established throughout Quebec, rehabilitation centres provide the necessary ressources and infrastructure to help people learn and get back into their everyday lives.

As such, rehabilitation centres offer the best possible care and innovative solutions to meet their users' specific needs. 


By calling on the expertise of rehabilitation centres, people with reduced mobility can quickly and efficiently regain all or part of their independence. 


It is in this context that Positech Innovation supports more than 25 different rehabilitation centres in Quebec. 


We woke closely with various health care professionals to offer users postural products that can be adapted and evolve in line with their physical condition.   


This collaboration has lasted for over a quarter of a century, but what does this mean in concrete terms? 


After referring to a functional assessment and evaluating the user's condition, specialists such as occupational therapists are able to determine which technical posture aid is best suites to the user.


Following the assessments, the professional fills in a quotation and sends it to us, so that we can begin manufacturing the relevant products. 


Lastly, according to the user's needs, the products are installed and adjusted by an orthotics and prosthetics technican.


In short, when health care professionals, specialist companies and rehabilitation centres join forces, we can make great strides to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities or reduced independence in Quebec.


Looking for a rehabilitation centre in your area? Positech has a  list of the main rehabilitation centres in Quebec.