for your stability

The compression boot  allows multiple adjustments depending on the user 
needs. The installation and adjustment are quick and easy. The boot is attached directly to the footrest of the chair and ensures foot stability and user safety.   

The rigid heel piece allows you to properly position the heel of the foot. Installation is quick and easy. The heel piece is attached directly in place of the fabric heel piece of the chair footrest.  

The strap and the calf pad allows multiple adjustments according to the user's needs. The calf support is attached directly to the chair footrest or under the seat. The calf support strap provides comfort and good support for the user's lower limbs. 

Compression boot                      

  • The boot is made of ABS with a cushioning on the contour as well as a non-slip.

  • Standard size is 4,5" wide X 11" long.

  • The standard heel cuff is 3" high and at the side 2" high.

  • It is possible to add an ankle strap or to make a custom boot. 

Rigid heel piece 

  • The heel piece is made of 3/16" ABS. 

  • The standard border is 3,5" wide X 3" high.  

Strap and calf pad

  • The calf support installation is held by 1,5" straps on the chair footrest posts.

  • The calf pad is designed with 1" cushioning as well as a nylon cover and waterproof stretch fabric.

  • The standard sizes varies between 20" and 25" in width X 11" in height.


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 Positioning components of the lower right limb (boot and heel piece) :  4565064

Positioning components of the left lower limb (boot and heel piece) :  4565066

Calf pad : 4565068



The compression boot

Ensures the stability and position of the foot.  



The rigid heel piece

Fit the heel of the shoe. 



The calf pad

Cushioned strap.