Support boot

The support boot allows multiples adjustments according to the user's needs. Installation and ajustment are quick and easy. The boot is attached directly to the chair's footrest, ensuring foot stability and user safety. 

Rigid heel support

Rigid heel support positions the heel of the foot correctly. Installation is quick and easy. The heel pad is fixed directly in place of the fabric heel pad on the chair's footrest. 

Strap and cushion for calf support 

The strap and the calf pad allow multiple adjustments according to the user's needs. The calf support is attached directly to the chair footrest or under the seat. The calf support strap provides comfort and good support for the user's lower limbs. 


Support boot 

  • The boot is made of ABS with a cushioned contour and a non-slip base.  

  • The standard size is 4.5" wide X 11" long. 

  • It is possible to add a strap to the ankle or to make a custom boot.  

Strap and calf support cushion

  • The standard size varies between 20" and 25" in width X 11" in height.

  • The calf support is designed with a 1" cushion and a waterproof nylon and stretch fabric cover. 

  • Held in place by 1.5'' straps on the footrest uprights. 


Inferior members


The support boot

Ensures foot stability and position.

Rigid heel piece

Fits the heel of the shoe.

The calf support cushion

Cushioned belt.