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The toggle abductor stop consists of a system of fasteners allowing for a depth adjustment and has a pivot mechanism with an automatic locking in the high position, to which we have attached an abductor knob. For maximum autonomy for the user, the abductor stopper stabilizes and corrects the position of the lower limbs.

Toggle abductor stop mechanism  

  • Made op of aluminum components with anodization treatment.                                                          

  • The anchor allows an adjustment of 2" in depth and between 2" to 6" in height. 

  • Pivot mechanism with automatic locking in high position. 

Standard abductor stop knob 

  • Available in three sizes : small, medium, and large.  

  • The abductor pommel helps to stabilize and correct the position of the lower limbs. 

  • Used with the abductor toggle stop mechanism, the pommel is made up of components. The bottom is ABS with high density foam in the center, the finish is done with comfort foam and a stretch cover is user as a gloss finish. 

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Abductor stop explosive view

Composed of an anchor allowing a depth adjustment and hinge mechanism with automatic locking in the high position.