The lower limb knee and/or calf support allows for multiples adjustments in height, width and angle. Installation and adjustment is quick and easy, as it is attached directly to the footrest post in either vertical or horizontal position.

The cushioned protector allows the user with one or more lower limbs to be protected from any injury when using a wheelchair. A cushioning envelops the footrest's attachment mechanisms. 

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Lower limb support    

  • Mobilize the lower limbs to the desired position.  

  • The installation of the support on the post of the footrest allows the mobilization of the knees or the calf. 

  • The cushioned holding plate is 4 1/2" wide X 7" high.  

  • The adjustment of the movement in width in relation to the footrest post is from 0" to 4".   

  • The height adjustment of the cushioned plate is 4" up or down.  

  • The angle adjustment of the cushioned plate is from 0 degrees to 20 degrees. 

  • Each adjustment is independent of the other.  

Protective cushion for 

  • The installation of the protector on the footrest attachment is held by a velcro. 

  • The installation is quick and easy..

  • The protective cushion can be quickly retracted and remain in the chair thanks to the support strap. 

  • The protective cushion is made of polyurethane foam with a nylon cover including a Velcro fastener and a nylon strap. 

Oder form (inferior members)

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Right lower limb positioning components (support and protector) : 4565064

Left lower limb positioning components (support and protector) : 4565066

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Explosive view of the lower limb support.